Unit Everlasting

From time to time, our members make their final transfer to Unit Everlasting. This page is dedicated to their memory. If you have additional info you’d like to add about any member, please go to our
Questions page, fill out the form and let us know. Thanks.

Judith Gray Johnson
Date of Transfer:04/20/2021
Obituary:Judith Johnson
Grave Location:Judith Johnson

Susan Whitcomb
Date of Transfer:03/03/2021
Grave Location:?

Mary Katherine Randall Merriken
Date of Transfer:12/23/2021
Find a Grave:Mary Merriken

Veronica Mary Frazier
Date of Transfer:01/29/2020
Find a Grave:Veronica Frazier

Alice Katherine Everson
Date of Transfer:08/02/2019
Obituary:Alice Everson
Find a Grave:?

Marie Spurrier
Date of Transfer:2019
Find a Grave:?

Mary Louise Griffin
Date of Transfer:2017
Find a Grave:?