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Reminder of the Quarterly HOA Meeting Saturday from 1-2:30 pm at the Millville Fire House.  If attending in person, wear a mask and allow for time to have a temperature check prior to entering the building.


If you can not attend we are attempting to have Zoom meeting access.  As this is the first time we are trying this we are not positive it will work smoothly; Mediacom is unreliable and we arenít certain how easy it will be to hear what is being discussed in the engine bay at the firehouse.  But for those who wish to try to connect via Zoom the links are below.


If you want to try joining via Zoom:

        Please download the zoom app well in advance of connecting.

        The free version of Zoom only allows for 40 minute meetings. So there are two meeting links below as you may need to rejoin the meeting. 

Meeting link from 1-1:45

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 501 272 7717           Passcode: 4sSEPd

Meeting link from 1:45-2:30

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 501 272 7717     Passcode: 4sSEPd

We realize this meeting information is identical.  Apparently the free software Zoom generates the same meeting link information, but the scheduled times are different.

Your best bet is to try to attend the meeting in person.  We hope you can make it and that it will be time well spent for all involved. Notes from the meeting will be sent out via email to the community within a week of the meeting as a follow up way to receive the information discussed.